Garage 2000 Moscova-Brera is located in 21 Statuto street, a very elegant and distinctive area served by a good public transportation system: MM2 Moscova and 4 tramways lines that connect with the Duomo as well as Cordusio Square and the Sforzesco Castle, thus supporting those who choose to park their car by us, since they live in other areas of Milan and want to use the public transportation system for the city centre, easy accessible in only 10 minutes. Ideal for parking per hour as well as daily and overnight parking, being close to both shopping and trendy entertainment areas, and Corso Como and Corso Garibaldi full of shops, restaurants and some of the most popular discos of the city. Furthermore you will be assisted 24 hours a day, with high care for luxury cars.



  • Parking

    SECURITY-MONITORED Parking 24hours a day

  • Info

    Ph. +39 02 655 55 25

  • City Center

    10 minutes walk from the city center

  • Underground

    50 metres from M2 line

Access by car:

Via Statuto 21, 20121 Milan

Special agreement with Milan Municipality: Area C ticket at 3,00 € (instead of 5,00 €) for more than one hour parking.

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