Garage 2000 is a handy parking, located only 150 metres from Milan Central Railways Station, in 2 Zezon Street. A strategic location for either those who have to leave or who want to visit the city or again for those who want to spend a nice evening in local pubs and restaurants. We aim at offering a safe service to visitors as well as commuters and, why not, citizens, thanks to a specialized personnel available 24 hours a day. Ideal for both short and long stops, you will be assisted both on your arrival and departure, with particular care for luxury cars. The parking is endowed with a pedestrian access way in 31 Vittor Pisani Street.



  • Parking

    SECURITY-MONITORED Parking 24hours a day

  • Info

    Ph. +39 02 669 74 60

  • Underground

    50 metres from M2 - M3 lines

  • Railways stations

    150 metres from the railways station

  • Taxi Stand

    150 metres from the taxi stand

  • Shuttle bus Station

    Close to departures, shuttle bus for all the main airports

Access by car:

Via Achille Zezon 2, 20124 Milan

Pedestrian access:

Via Vittor Pisani 31, 20124 Milan
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